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Beginner Gymnastics

     Children ages 6-12 yrs. old will enjoy developing  their gymnastics skills with progressive and fun lessons, activities and training . Our gymnastics lessons will teach the fundamental skills and the many variations that strengthen, balance and challenge any young gymnast. Our students will  practice on the Floor, Bars, Beams, Vault, Rings, Trampolines, Ropes and many other skill building apparatus in The Gym Park.    

Classes are 50 minutes

           FlipKids     6-8 yrs. old

       Flying Squirrels   9-12 yrs.old

Intermediate Gymnastics

     Having some gymnastics experience, children ages 6-12 yrs old will enjoy developing their gymnastics skills with progressive and fun lessons, activities and training. Learning walkovers, front flips, kips & back hip circles are just some of the awesome moves our gymnasts will be learning.

Classes are 80 minutes.

          Gym Bears    6-8 yrs. old

          Gym Tigers    9-12 yrs.old

Advanced Gymnastics

     The Gym Park Advanced Gymnastics Classes are for gymnasts that have already mastered intermediate level and seek to improve further into the higher skill levels of back flips, giant swings and advanced balances.

Classes are 80 min. each.

Teen Gymnastics

     Our Teen Gymnastics class is for teens ages 13-17yrs Old. Have a blast learning gymnastics and having fun with your new friends. This is a beginner - Intermediate class.

Classes are 1 or 2 days per week, 50 min. each.

Adult Gymnastics & Tumbling
Gymnastics Teams

Please call or email us for further information about our Gymnastics Teams.

Boys Team
 (718) 349-6627contact_us.html

Gymnastics Inspired Play

Girls Team

     The Gym Park Adult Gymnastics & Tumbling Classes are for adults ages 18yrs+.  No Experience needed to join our classes. We will place you in an ability appropriate group with a knowledgeable instructor that will guide you through  a dynamic warm up, skill training, conditioning, and free play. 

This a Beginner and Intermediate level class

Classes 60 min. each.

Developmental Teams
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